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Welcome Goddess!

Your first Maiden, Mother Crone experience... an initiation in self-care, which begins when you book one of the services below.  I'll review your request and  send a welcome email with details to ensure your first visit is effortless and joyful!  


Your time in my wellness salon is sacred. Enjoy a mini spa-like experience with relaxing music, custom-blended teas, organic coffees, an array of healthy snacks, and amenities such as: WiFi, device chargers, digital magazines. 

I only carry sustainable, organic, ethically sourced, and non-toxic products.

Because it's important to me...

… that you love your hair, get longevity from your services, and understand how to maintain your hair at home, I’ll walk you through a unique consultation to help us achieve your desired look, and assess your hair needs.


Once aligned we’ll go over your services, budget & timing, and in-salon maintenance schedule, so you're confident in committing to your transformation.

I’ll mix a custom color formula for you...

...using low-tox hair color that's vegan, ammonia-free, certified organic, and PPD-free to ensure the healthiest, longest-lasting results possible. I also offer pure, clean henna pigments for those seeking a TRULY non-toxic hair color experience. Click here for more information.


To close our session, I'll style your hair, and take some social media shots.

Before you leave, I'll share my recommendations for your personal at-home hair ritual...

...and set you up with your maintenance appointment.

Since your time in the salon is an investment in your self-care, we create an at-home after-care ritual to help you maintain the health and integrity of your hair, achieve longevity from your color services, and bring a little bit of the Maiden, Mother, Crone energy home with you.

New Guest Services are broken down into the blocks below. Email us if you have questions

Maintenance pricing is for clients receiving services every 1-5 months, and applies after your initial visit. Clients going 6 months or longer will need to select from New Guest Services, as  a lot can change with your hair and skin in that time.​

We initiate each New Guest during their first visit, by co-creating a long-term plan for manifesting your hair and skin goals.  ​

New Guests Services


Low-Tox Hair Color

Root Touch-Up w/ Refresh - $105

  • What is it?

Low-tox hair color root touch-up;


  • Who’s it for?

for those with less than 2 inches of outgrowth looking to cover greys or touch-up out-grown roots.  Includes refreshing the ends so your color looks cohesive and vibrant


  • What is it?

Low-tox hair color service that refreshes color and tone.

  • Who’s it for?

For brunettes that don’t need grey coverage but want to enhance their color. For blondes that only need to refresh their tone.  Also for those who have never colored your hair and don’t need grey coverage.

Creative Color/Vivids

  • What is it?

Creative color is a multistep process; first we lighten the hair, then we apply the vivid colors, and then rinse and style.  Timing and pricing depend on how long your hair takes to lighten, and how intricate a color pattern you want to achieve. Since this type of coloring service takes extra time and extra product it is priced by the hour. 

  • Who is it for?

Want to be a purple unicorn, or rock a rainbow mohawk?

All-Over Color - $105                                

  • What is it?

Single process, low-tox hair color

  • Who’s it for?

for those with more than 2 inches of outgrowth who need grey coverage, root matching, or who have not had their hair colored in over 3+ months.

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