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The Beauty Priestess

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I’m a holistic stylist serving wellness-conscious clients in San Francisco.  I provide dimensional hair color with the least amount of toxic exposure for those sensitive to hair dye or those seeking earth-friendly beauty. 


Since my connection with goddess spirituality and the divine feminine is at the heart of my beauty practice I offer ethically sourced hair extensions that are sourced from willing donors who are paid a liveable wage.

Every woman deserves to feel empowered by their beauty.  Our beauty routines or, as I call them, beauty rituals, are a sacred form of self care that connect us instantly to our inner power by inspiring confidence. 


After a successful corporate career, I reconnected with my passion for the beauty industry, by studying precision haircut and color at Vidal Sassoon Academy and training at Wella Studio LA as a Master Color Expert. I specialize in low-tox dimensional hair color, ethical hair extensions and curly haircuts!   I believe in continuing education and honing my strengths, so I frequently travel for training through-out the year.

I take a mind-body-spirit approach to the work I produce with you. My goal is to help you maintain the long-term health of your hair by creating beauty rituals that you can do at home.  I achieve this by integrating 30+ years of solid hair and skincare expertise, wellness practices, and my knowledge as a clinical herbalist. 

I’m a curious, analytical, life-long learner, but also a moon worshipping, budding gardener, and artist.  When I’m not in the salon you can find me singing with my band, planting aromatics in my garden, snuggling my kitty, meditating at a hot springs retreat, or taking a class in some mystical practice.

Balance and integrity are the key to everything and this includes our hair and skin care routines.  I want to work with you to create hair and skincare rituals that celebrate the divine you!  If you’re ready for the kind of beauty that empowers, book a new guest service with me today!

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The Wellness Salon

At Maiden, Mother, Crone I weave beauty knowledge, self-care techniques and respect for the Divine Feminine into all of my services; taking a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to your hair and skincare.

I believe every woman is a goddess and deserves to feel empowered by their beauty. I encourage this empowerment by providing hair and skincare services tailored to target your specific beauty needs, by suggesting effective products that are well-formulated without toxic ingredients, and by crafting custom beauty rituals for you to take home.

As a "clean beauty" salon I've made a commitment to my clients to carry hair and skin care products that are sustainably sourced, free of synthetics, and meet standards to be labeled organic. And I've incorporated this ethos into every aspect of my business, by adopting eco-conscious best practices. 

Maiden, Mother, Crone is a micro-salon, and thus can offer clients a personalized, one-on-one, therapeutic salon experience in a calm atmosphere: no gossip, no loud music, just you and your beauty therapist.

I'm proud to be located in San Francisco's culturally diverse Mission District, and to be a LGBTQIA safe space. 

I look forward to providing you with a magical wellness experience through my clean beauty services!

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