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Welcome Goddess!


Follow along with me as we walk through your first visit to

Maiden, Mother, Crone Wellness Salon


Your first Maiden, Mother Crone experience... an initiation in self-care, which begins when you book 1 of the 6 New Guest Service Packages below.  We'll review your request and you'll receive a welcome email with details to ensure your first visit is effortless and joyful!  


Your time in my wellness salon is truly sacred time. Enjoy an mini spa-like experience with relaxing music, custom-blended teas, organic coffees, an array of healthy snacks, and amenities such as: WiFi, device chargers, digital magazines. The studio is also cleansed before and after each guest with sacred sage.

I carry clean beauty haircare and skincare products that meet my personal standards: sustainable, organic, ethically sourced, non-toxic.



Because it’s important to me… 

… that you love your hair, get longevity from your services, and understand how to maintain your hair at home, I’ll walk you through a unique consultation and diagnostic that will help us achieve your desired look, and assess your hair needs.


Once we’re aligned we’ll go over your services, a budget & timing estimate, and your in-salon maintenance schedule, so you're confident in committing to your transformation.


I’ll mix a custom color formula for you...

...using a special brand of hair color from Denmark that's vegan, ammonia-free, certified organic, and PPD-free to ensure the healthiest, longest-lasting results possible. 


I also offer pure, clean henna pigments for those seeking a TRULY non-toxic hair color experience. Click here for more information.


To close our session, I'll style your hair, and take some social media shots; we don’t have to show your face if you prefer, and I'll only post photos of you from your best angle.



Before you leave, I'll share my recommendations for your personal at-home hair ritual... 

...and set you up with your maintenance appointment.

Since your time in the salon is an investment in yourself and your self-care, we create an at-home after-care ritual to help you maintain the health and integrity of your hair, achieve longevity from your color services, and bring a little bit of the Maiden, Mother, Crone energy home with you.

Your initial visit requires more time and attention than a maintenance visit, as we delve into consultation, and create your custom in-salon maintenance schedule and at-home ritual.


If you are still unsure what to book after viewing the packages below, reach out to us via email here

Booking with a new stylist can feel overwhelming.  To simplify the process we've created some New Guest Service Packages to initiate you into the Maiden Mother Crone experience.

New Guests Services

Ready for your Mother Maiden Crone experience?

Still unsure what to book?

Queen Snake.jpg
Long Hair Sit Moon.jpg
Diamon Hair.jpg


Looking to add volume or length?  This package is your introduction to hair extensions.

  • A consultation is free but required so we can assess the best type of hair extensions for you

  • A deposit is required at the time of consultation if you want to proceed with an extension application


Click here for more info on the types of extensions I offer.

If ready to book an extension consultation choose "Oonagh" from the service options on our booking form.



 This service is for:

  • Those looking to go significantly lighter and have long/thick hair

  • Those wanting to go platinum or wanting vivid colors

  • Also for those with years of previous color, banding or blotchiness (color correction)

  • Or for those who's hair needs extreme care and rehabilitation



Approximately 5 hours @ $400



  • For those flaxen-haired beauties  that want to add brightness and/or dimension (highlights, balayage)

  • Or for those that want to begin on a journey to lighter tresses 

Ready to brighten up your personal look? Book "Rhiannon" from the service options on our booking form.

Approximately 3.5 @ $280​


Ix Chel

Looking to achieve a decadent, chocolatey brunette hue? Beautiful, rich dimensional color can also be achieved with brown tones. Also for grey coverage, those going from lighter to darker, or for all-over dark hair color.


Ready to stroll through the world like a sultry siren? Book "Ix Chel" from the service options on our booking form.

Approximately 2 hour service @ $175



For the titian-haired beauty.  Being a redhead is like belonging to a secret society.  Reds have different maintenance and application techniques than blondes and brunettes.  Also for grey coverage, those going from lighter to red, or for all-over red hair color.


Ready to enter the room and have all eyes on you?  Book "Brigid" from the service options on our booking form.


Approximately 2 hour service @ $175​



Appropriately named after the goddess of love and beauty: this package is for wavy, curly and coily haired goddesses.  An in-depth hair analysis/consultation, dry cut & sculpting, chakra energizing hair wash, and style & set.  

Ready to embody self-love and embrace your natural texture? Book "Erzulie" from the service options on our booking form.

Approximately 1.5 hour service @ $140.​

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