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I don't usually leave reviews, but I just GOTTA for Maiden Mother Crone! Kiki at MMC not only indulges and accomplishes my obnoxious demands (neon orange and yellow please! And I'm vibrant even after 30 days!), but this is literally the ONLY salon where I've consistently walked out 100% happy every single time. She's personable, knowledgeable, realistic, acres of fun and ever since going to her for the first time over a year ago I've never gone anywhere else (and I've never wanted to). So many thanks to Maiden Mother Crone, I'll remain a client until you kick me out!

-Allison J.

For all you ladies rocking the curls, Maiden, Mother, Crone Salon is for you! I struggled to find a stylist who knew how to correctly cut my curly locks until I found Kiki five years ago. No more uneven cuts, just lovely layered hair!

-Stephanie R.

Kiki the Maiden, Mother, Crone Salon is my go-to colorist! I know she does fabulous art colors (look at that portfolio!), but I have a somewhat conservative job and have to blend. Kiki listened to what I needed, gave me a great color combo and a dash of sparkle, and matched it with sassy cut that holds its shape for months and that GETS ME COMPLIMENTS! And, she does it time after time -- something to look for, let me tell you.

-Cara N.


Moon Gazing

Our Ethos...


As an eco-conscious salon we recycle all of our foils, color tubes, plastic, paper, and glass. We repurpose all hair trimmings through TerraCycle, where the hair is composted in gardens and farms .  And we practice safe disposal of excess hair color diverting it from the water supply.


There are very few options for people with PPD allergies.  ​Even some hair dyes that claim to be PPD-free aren't; they may contain "less" PPD than the standard, or they contain PTD/TDS, of which many are also allergic.  We are proud to offer real non-toxic, and natural alternatives to coal-tar dyes.


No gossip, no loud music, no distractions.  Our micro-salon offers clients a personalized, one-to-one experience in a calm atmosphere.  ​


We take time to delve into your hair goals, and the best ways to optimize your hair health.  At Maiden, Mother, Crone Wellness Salon, we believe that healthy hair and skin start from the inside out, and we take an unconventional approach to our consultations.

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