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For all my _bleach and tone_ or _double
My client came in wanting grey coverage
Balayage refresh. No filter
To all my brunettes out there, we have s
Looking for a gift for your wife, sister
This is my beautiful client and fellow c
My lovely client _devonmcclive has such
Balayage, ombre, sombre, ecaille, foilia
Getting bangs is a BIG life event for cu
Been a little MIA from IG, because I've
Looks like a bob, acts like an badass un
Got to create a sweet textured bob on th
Icy blonde! #hairdoktorssalon #hairdokto
Good hairstylists have a unique position
Client wanted soft and subtle lavender t
Color melty contrast; hints of oak, whea
_lopsidedlotus called this the _hot cut_
🎩We took this gent from poofy to primpe
How many of you can relate___My client i
Brunettes, thinking of spicing it up for
Yes.... it's a giant ball pit....
Happy Birthday to this sweet Virgo lady!
For all my curly haired fam out there
Reposting this one from _ifnwhendy
Getting a nice colormelt with this balay
Hair extensions!  Add length
Purple dimension on this beautiful brune
Updo, upsweeps, wedding and special even
Purple electric _hairdoktors _Photog_ _t
_ifnwhendy rockin' a coral colored power
Repost from _theotherxtina _Was so excit
Embracing the curls this holiday season!
0 1_1 ratio roots to mids__Blondor
Dahhhling, you are camera ready! Love th
We're calling this color pumpkin spice
Repost! Thanks _theotherxtina for coming
It's been a fabulous Purple Unicorn Frid
Upsweeps for keeps!_The french twist is
Style_ Kiki Cas
Tinker Bell Punk_Hair and makeup by _kik
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